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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I like a preached retreat. I need input. I don't see the value of spending a weekend alone with myself!"

A. Being alone with one's self is exactly what most people need in these busy days! On our retreats, silence is required at all times, so that one can be on the alert to listen to the voice of God. The Holy Trinity dwells within us; God is not a silent, disinterested Creator; God constantly communicates with us; but, in the turmoil of daily living, we do not hear; we do not listen. When the noise of daily living is hushed, we do hear God!

Q. "I'm not familiar with Scripture, so how can I find inspiration for prayer in it?"

A. That is one of the ways your spiritual director will help you! Your director will recommend selections from Scripture which (s)he believes will be meaningful to you. Sacred Scripture is the Word of God; it is eternally true, eternally relevant. If we, like Samuel, say: "Speak, Lord! I am listening", it is amazing how clear the communication will be!

Q. "I can't imagine myself spending almost two days doing nothing but pray!"

A. As Jesus said to the disciples when they asked Him where He dwelt, we say: "Come and see!" A weekend at Maison de prière Notre-Dame or at Rougemont finds you in a comfortable room, with a restful scene outside your window; the meals are appetizing and nicely served; the outdoors are conducive to long, healthy walks; chapels, large and small, are peaceful and pleasant. Four occasions to meet one's director; Eucharistic Liturgy on Saturday and Sunday; opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation - all these spiritual activities lead our retreatants to comment: "The weekend is just too short!"

Q. "I love to talk! A week-end in silence seems impossible for me!"

A. A personally-directed weekend retreat provides you with a priceless opportunity of constantly talking with the Lord. And praying with Scripture will help you to situate yourself so that you can have easy access to your Maker, your Redeemer! The great learning experience of the weekend will be the discovery that conversation with God, like conversation with others, is a two-way street! We speak; but, more importantly, we listen!

Q. "The retreat directors who are available on the weekend retreats - who are they and what do they do?"

A. Montreal Directed Retreats is an association of about twenty people, male and female, religious and lay, who have special training in spiritual direction. The retreat is a meeting place for the retreatant with God. The retreat director's role is to facilitate this encounter; to offer assistance in prayer if this is needed; to help the retreatant discern God's action in his/her life. All communication between the retreatant and the director is held in strictest confidence.

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